Our Procedures

Once you are accepted by our editorial board, we will send you a contract. The collection of poems you wish to include in your new book must be submitted to vanZeno Press in a single Microsoft Word document. You must also sign and send in the contract. Your manuscript will then be assigned to an editor who will work with you selecting and editing the poems to be included and arranging them into a coherent whole.

The next step in our process is the production of the physical book itself, and for this stage of your book’s journey you will be working with a member of our production staff who will do the layout and coordinate the creation of your book cover.

We encourage you to find a piece of art that pleases you and illustrates the theme of your book. We have an account with Dreamstime, a source for high quality stock photos and illustrations. (The address for Dreamstime is www.dreamstime.com.) We will license any selection you make from this website. If you prefer to use art from another source, you must obtain written permission from the photographer or artist and provide a copy of the permission to us for our files.

The back cover of the book will contain a paragraph or two of biography, a photo if you choose to show one, and some review blurbs. Please think about who you would ask to read a preliminary copy of your book to provide comments.

Once the layout of the book is complete, you will receive a preliminary copy for your final approval.

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