Praise for "Emergency Contact"

"In these hard-won, honest poems she tells us what we already knew but need, always, to be reminded of—that life is difficult and beautiful, painful and marvelous. Her poems sing to us, as the best poems do, of how much we have to be thankful for."
George Bilgere

"Claire McMahon's new poems in Emergency Contact celebrate the joys and sadness of a simple life in a simple, accessible, idiom set against the backdrop of family values. . . McMahon quietly asks whether we've really progressed as a culture since the "scarlet letter days."
Chris Stroffolino

“Claire McMahon's poems of family and friendship in Emergency Contact pulse with the urgency of language finding its way to meaning.”
Ray McNiece


Claire McMahon is currently co-editor of MoonLit magazine (Drag City Press, Chicago) and previously co-edited the Make Room for Dada arts journal in Boulder, Colorado. She holds degrees from Manhattan College, Naropa University, and Kent State University.

Originally from New Jersey, McMahon moved to Boulder, Colorado to study and then settled in Cleveland, Ohio.

She teaches English courses at Baldwin-Wallace College, Cuyahoga Community College, and Myers University. She lives on Cleveland's west side with her two daughters, Grace and Maeve.
Emergency Contact
Claire McMahon

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