Praise for "Iron Angels"

"These poems by Geoffrey A. Landis run the gamut from … silly putty to supernova. … Some poems I read twice (and out loud!) My favorites are about the ten ways to tell if your cat is a space alien, the time machine used for hiding Christmas presents in the future, and the absolutely glorious word picture of Gulliver striding through the universe in exponential seven league boots." -- Jane Yolen, poet and two time Nebula winner for "Sister Emily's Lightship" and "Lost Girls"

"Yeasty poems-- they're as engaging as they are eclectic." -- David Barber (poetry editor, The Atlantic Monthly)

"People say there's poetry in science and they must be right because here it is. "-- Jo Walton, author of The King's Peace, The King's Name, and Farthing

"… Each poem simply launches off its page into new realms of witty insight. After reading Iron Angels, you will be convinced your cat is a space alien, that you need a Time Machine for Christmas, and that you’ll know what to do if given a pair of exponential boots. A simply wonderful book, I can’t recommend this one enough." -- Deborah P Kolodji, President, Science Fiction Poetry Association

Geoffrey A. Landis is a writer, a scientist, and a poet. As a writer, he's been the winner of the Hugo award (twice) and the Nebula award, both for best science fiction short story, and his novel Mars Crossing won the Locus award for best first novel. His short stories have been translated into 24 languages. As a scientist, he has been a member of the Mars Exploration Rovers science team, and has worked on space missions ranging from a probe into the solar corona to proposals for missions beyond the solar system.
His poetry has appeared in as magazines ranging from Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine to ArtCrimes to the City poetry, and in collections such as Once Upon a Midnight, TimeFrames, and The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. He won the Rhysling award for best short poem in 2000, and as one of the selected poets for the Cleveland Literary Center - RTA "Moving Minds" project, his poetry will appear on 700 busses and trains in Cleveland in 2008.
Iron Angels
by Geoff Landis

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