Praise for "Those Years"

"This passionate, failed-love story is all the more moving for what's unsaid."
Maxine Kumin

"Roger Craik's poems combine an intense lyric voice with a compelling narrative ... drawing us from poem to extraordinary poem."
Diane Thiel

"... the wit, the lapidary line, the effortless control of Larkin, with a tenderness and vulnerability Larkin never permitted himself."
George Bilgere

“… these emotionally wrought poems put one in mind of W. D. Snodgrass’s earlier work, but with a language and angle of vision that are entirely Craik’s own.”
Steven Reese

Roger Craik, Associate Professor of English at Kent State University Ashtabula, has written three full-length poetry books – I Simply Stared (2002), Rhinoceros in Clumber Park (2003) and The Darkening Green (2004), and his poetry has appeared in several national poetry journals, including “The Formalist,” “The Literary Review,” and, most recently, “Fulcrum.”
English by birth and educated at the universities of Reading and Southampton, Craik has worked as a journalist, TV critic and chess columnist. Before coming to the USA in 1991, he worked in Turkish universities and was awarded a Beineke Fellowship to Yale in 1990. He is widely traveled, having visited North Yemen, Egypt, Tibet, Nepal, Japan, and, most recently, Bulgaria, where he taught during the spring of 2007 on a Fulbright Scholarship.

Poetry is his passion: he writes for at least an hour, over coffee, each morning before breakfast, and he enjoys watching the birds during all the seasons.

Those Years
Roger Craik

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